How Much Money Does A Youtuber Get Per View?

How Much Money Does A Youtuber Get Per View?Ahhh the world of YouTube.

You’ve heard the stories of people making millions of dollars for the videos they post – and you probably know a few people who aren’t making anything by posting their videos.

And it can really leave you wondering, How Much Money Does A Youtuber Get Per View?”

The Details on How You Get Paid

There are a couple of different ways that you can get paid.

The first one is called CPM (cost per mille – essentially the cost per thousand views) and is basically how much you get paid for each view.

This payment typically averages about 18 cents per view, with the average CPM range being between $2-5 and in order for a view to qualify, somebody has to  watch your video for at least 30 seconds.

The second option is CPC (cost per click) and for you to get paid, a person viewing your video must click on the ad for you to make any money.

Now with CPC there are many different factors that govern just how much each click is worth, but the biggest part of it is the topic (sometimes called the niche) of your video.

Typically on the cost per click model, Google pays the content provider (IE the person who made the YouTube video or the person with the Adsense ads on their website) 68% of the revenue they take in. So if Google made $10,000 on ads they would pay out approximately $6800.

Most youtubers opt for the CPM way of getting paid as very few people are likely to click an ad while watching a video.

If you want to get an estimate on the amount of money that you can make with YouTube, you can try using the YouTube view calculator here.

How Do You Get Started as a YouTuber To Get Paid?

In order to get started, you have to have a Google Adsense account, which you can sign up for free here.

Once you’ve got an Adsense account, you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program so you’re able to monetize your videos…once you’ve met the requirements.

Now, it used to be that you could get 10,000 views on your youtube channel and you’d be able to apply for the program.

But that’s changed.

Now you need to have 4000 hours of people watching your videos and 1000 subscribers within the last 12 months in order to be able to monetize your videos.

So it’s a little more strict than it used to be.

But if you’re going to try and make money you’ve got to be able to get an audience and have people watch your videos – you’ll have to become a content creator.

Step #1 To Becoming a Content Creator

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is the topic (niche) that you’re going to center your videos around.

This is the central focus of your channel and be what your videos are all about.

So with that in mind, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind:

  • are you passionate and excited about the subject? If not, putting in the work will be a pretty tough assignment and there’s a much higher chance of you quitting before you’re able to make that sweet, sweet passive YouTube money.
  • is there a demand for what you’re talking about? Is it a subject that is heavily marketed? Are there a lot of products that are sold in this particular niche? Are there a a lot of people who are interested in this topic? The more popular it is and the more products being advertised, the more likely you’ll be able to make some money at it.
  • what are other people doing on YouTube in this niche? What sort of topics do they cover? How many views and comments are they getting?

Seeing as you’ve already signed up for a Google Adsense account you can login to the Google Keyword planner and input your topic and see just how many people are searching for that topic.

This will give you the actual number of people searching for that topic per month.

It will also let you know how much advertisers are paying per click in order to advertise in this niche.

So you’ll be able to get a feel for what people are looking for as well as the amount of competition you might be facing.

But be sure to take you time in deciding what niche you’re going to target as it will often determine the success or failure of your YouTube adventure.

Most people – whether they’re getting into YouTube or any other form of online marketing – ignore doing this kind of research and it often comes back to haunt them later.

We’ve got a specific blueprint available on the inside of “The Empirical Collective” that shows our members exactly how they can go about finding the perfect niche, as well as how they can set up an online business (among many other money-making benefits).

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Final Thoughts

So we started this brief journey by asking the question, “How Much Money Does A Youtuber Get Per View?”

And we’ve covered that question as well as how you can go about getting signed up and start investigating what sort of niche or topic you’re going to cover on your YouTube channel.

So that will get you started.

But making money online is a journey and it can take a lot of time and effort – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And this is why I started “The Empirical Collective” – to give people specific, dead easy steps to follow to make money online.

From stock trade alerts and trading insights, to online business blueprints….my team and I are focused on helping you create “Blended Income”.

“Blended Income” is our way of giving you not only short term quick ways of making money, but also longer term income generation systems to take care of you for years to come.

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Until next time I wish you all the success in the world!

Your Minister of Capitalism,

Brett Davison