The Horrible Boss Series – Helping You Escape Their Clutches

Here is a master list of the articles I’ve written on a series of articles on dealing with a “Horrible Boss”.

This series is designed to give you some great advice on dealing with a difficult work situation while at the same time providing actionable steps you can take if you choose to remain in your current bad situation.

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Aside from that, here is the master list of articles in the order I’ve posted them:

How A Dishonest Boss Rapidly Undermines Employee Morale And Will Sink A Business – “The Pants on Fire Boss”

A Crumbling Business: The Catastrophic Effects of a Boss Who Can’t Lead – “The Free Ride Boss”

How to Combat a Boss Who Has Become A God In His Own Eyes – “The God Boss”

Shocking: A Racist Boss’ Damaging Effect On Employees – “The Racist Boss”

The Paralyzing Effects of an “All Talk and No Action” Boss: The Dreamer Boss