So, Who is The Minister of Capitalism?

Sometimes known as good old Brettsky, occassionally as Brett Davison, but always as "The Minister of Capitalism", I'm someone with a passion for finance.

In general, I'm a typical work-hardened kind of guy.

From helping tech start ups get off the ground and working in customer service, to project management in construction and manufacturing, my experiences have been varied and far-reaching.

I've even spent time designing websites and coding while playing hockey and powerlifting - just to fully complete the paradox of who I am.

But the one reoccurring theme through it all has been a curiosity into the ways of money.

Having been born without a silver spoon, my financial education has come from unattractive sweat and personal effort, all fueled by a deep seated curiosity.

All this, coupled with my unque experiences has taught me many different lessons along the way.

And my plan is to share them with you through this blog.

As for myself personally, I'm a simple, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy with an off-kilter sense of humor & a desire to uncover the hidden wisdom of all things personal finance.

I've Got A Specific Bend Towards Stacking & Keeping Cash.
And Because of That, I'm Unapologetically Pro-Money, & Pro-Wealth.

Maybe that flies in the face of what you'd expect a typical minister to say.

And to that end, I'm an ambassador for all things personal finance - not a religious minister.

That said, I do have a moral code that keeps me on the financial straight and narrow.

Do unto others and that kind of stuff.

And to me that means: I won't take advantage of people.

Difficult and moody as I sometimes might be - just I can't rip people off and look myself in the mirror.

Hey, some people can justify that sort of thing and explain it away so that it doesn't bother them... saying that the ends justifies the means and all that.

But I can't do that.

Mr Machiavelli, I am not.

Besides, I think there's a name for people like that... what is it now? .... Oh ya.... psychopaths.

And to this day, I can't stand seeing people getting taken advantage of.

Getting back to the bizness at hand: if the word "minister" gives you the creeps (even thought it's used in the political sense), it needn't.

While I may drip the occassional parable of Biblical proportions, I don't cram religious ideas down anyone's throat.

And in all fairness, most people know that when you eat fish you eat the meat and spit out the bones.

And all that REALLY means is...

You Don't Have to Swallow or Agree
with EVERYTHING Someone Stands For
In Order To Benefit From What They Say

With that in mind... the stuff I share on this blog is selectively curated to help improve your financial life.

From income generation, to money-saving hacks, I share what I can in an effort to help you get ahead.

So if that sounds like just the brand of vodka you find yourself enjoying, feel free to head on over to the blog to get the latest tongue-in-cheek personal finance articles.

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Your Minister of Capitalism will be be waiting for you on the other side.