Who is The Minister of Capitalism?

So who is this "Minister of Capitalism" - good old Brettsky as he's occassionally called - Brett Davison?

I'm an antisocial, work-hardened kind of guy.

I'm a bit abrasive, unapologetic, and unpredictable with an off-kilter sense of humor.

A simple, salt-o-the-earth kind of fellow with a burning desire to uncover all the hidden wisdom of free enterprise.

I've Got That Specific Bend Towards Stacking Cash.
I'm Unapologetically Pro-Money, Pro-Wealth, and Pro-Capitalism.

Maybe that flies in the face of what you'd expect a minister to say... and if that ruffles your little tail feathers feel free to think of your Minister of Captitalism as more of an ambassador.

But that's not to say I'm against other money generating or bizniss ideas.

Not at all.

I'm a dyed in the wool capitalist who isn't afraid of blurring lines or jumping borders if there's a great opportunity.

Money is the same color regardless of how it's made.

That said, I've got a moral code that keeps me on the financial straight and narrow.

It's both a blessing and a curse depending on how it affects me at the moment, and it's deeply rooted in my life and past experiences.

Do unto others and that kind of stuff.

Sound's eerily like some old hellfire and brimstone Bible thumper, eh? (Whoops, and there's my Canadian showing.)

Funny story... at one time old Brettsky thought he'd be a preacher.

Oh, ya. I was locked and loaded, ready to jump on the speaking circuit with one of the hottest up and coming guys of the day.

Spoke to crowds of up to 50,000 in his notorious prime he did.

The only problem is that your Minister of Capitalism has a fatal flaw. An Achilles heel if you will.

And that is: I won't take advantage of people.

Difficult and moody as I might be - I can't rip people off.

So when I saw behind the curtain and discovered the game they were running - to manipulate people into giving them money - I walked away.

Hey, some people can justify that sort of thing and explain it away so that it doesn't bother them... saying that the ends justifies the means and all that.

Mr Machiavelli I am not.

Besides, I think there's a name for people like that. What is it now?.... Oh ya.... psychopaths. Or maybe sociopaths. (I guess it depends on the cockail they're serving at the time.)

But that was a defining and formative moment for me.

    And to this day, I can't stand seeing people getting taken advantage of.

  • The rich lording over the poor.

  • The insiders excluding the outsiders.

  • Bosses taking advantage of their employees.

  • The government running overtop of the little guy.

These injustices stand out to me.

That said, I'm no social justice warrior.

Oh well. Being a conservative, white male of Christian descent is probably enough to be denied an SJW card anyways.

But I digress.

Getting back to the bizness at hand: if the thought of Bretsky chatting from a pulpit gives you the willies, it needn't.

While I may drip the occassional parable of Biblical proportions, I'm not gonna be cramming my religious beliefs down anyone's gullet.

But if that upsets your little apple cart, feel free to roll on through the virtual door - exeunt stage right.

My colleagues and I (my team referred to as the "High Society" and members of the "The Empirical Collective") are people who understand that when you eat fish, you eat the meat and spit out the bones.

You Don't Have to Swallow or Agree
with EVERYTHING Someone Stands For
In Order To Benefit From What They Say

I know some people get fired up over stuff like this.

But I grew up in the mix with all sorts of different people. Irish folks. Native Indians. East Indians. Africans. Chinese. Brazilians. Mexicans. Dutch. English. Russian. Ukrainians. The list goes on and on.

There are good people and bad people in every race on the planet. So your skin color or religious flava doesn't freak me out.

Imma still call it like I see it and I don't put up with bad behavior.

Save the drama for yo shrink.

Else you'll see the flat side of the ban-hammer real quick.

I can hear the anguished whines from the bizniss herd followers now: "But that's no way to speak to customers - or potential customers! You'll scare them all away!"

Nah. The customers I've got are the cream of the crop.

Let the freebie seekers, drama-chasers, and high-maintenance complainers go somewhere else.

The Empirical Collective is just too valuable to let people like that in.

Oh, those brassed-off malcontents might be able to get access for a bit, but the sword of Damacles hangs over their heads.... just waiting for them to reveal their true colors.

Ya, I know.

My methods may go against the grain.

After all, not many people got the stones to refuse access.

Oh, and while we're on the topic - prodigals need not apply.

You heard right - if someone enters the fold only to leave they will face a barred door.

There's no coming back.

While I'm your Minister of Capitalism,
My Grace Has Its Limits

As much as I want to help others and as big as my heart is - it's still guarded with barbed wire and thorns.

I'm imperfect and come complete with a number of human flaws.

I can be unapproachable and difficult, while at other times I'm succeptible to fits of generosity and overwhelming kindness.

But there is one constant: I don't put up with bad behavior.


I can't be bothered.

And that's why anything deemed to be behaviour unfitting for guests or members of The Empirical Collective will result in the removal of the offending party right quick.

Anyone who purchases "The Clockwork Paycheck System" has a 30 day money back guarantee which can be exercised during that time period. (There are no refunds once admitted into the inner circle of "The Empirical Collective.")

And while my team (members of the High Society) and I harbour no hard feelings or ill will towards them, once they leave the doors will be forever closed.

No more emails, no more access to our insider bizdev info or our monthly trading recommendations.

It will be a complete and far-reaching ban.

Gives a person something to think about.

And if someone you know gets all refund happy after having a few wobbly pops - they should stay away from your computer.

Because once in motion, the ban hammer falls swiftly and decisively - leaving the one on whom it falls forever Ecommunicado. (If you would like to see the list of some of the casualties, click here.)

So here I stand: winnowing fork in hand to separate the wheat from the chaff.

To allow access to those seeking a baptism of fire into the ways of Capitalism, while leaving the rest to stumble around in the darkness of their own confusion.

If You Want Inside the Hallowed Halls
of "The Empirical Collective"
You Gotta Pay to Play

To get inside, you have to come through the gate by purchasing the intelligence dossier "The Clockwork Paycheck System."

At which time you will be presented with the opportunity to join and become a member of The Empirical Collective.

Once inside, you will have access to inside information in the form of intriguing bizdev tips and tricks where the High Society and I copper every rivet in an effort to reveal the fastest way for you to get your online business up and running.

Oh, and of course you will receive our monthly trading recommendations designed to show you how you can put your little money soldiers to work for you - working to replace or supplement your current income.

We lay out the battle plan and you decide on how many troops you wanna deploy.

My team and I search the far corners of the earth to bring you the information that nobody else has access to.

    The good stuff like:

  • a stock that is 10x undervalued and is poised to explode higher.

  • A trading sytem that can generate consistent wins 6 out of 7 trades.

  • Quick tips to increase the revenue streams in yo' existing bizniss.

  • A blueprint to get your own online bizniss up and running the right way.

This isn't stuff you're going to find on CNN or in the typical business rags.

Look, if you want the same results as everybody else - stick with the mainstream stuff.

But if you want extraordinary results, you have to venture out from among the sheep and disregard the status quo.... and start looking for the insider stuff that they can't access.

Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

So if you're happy with the way things are and don't want to improve your financial life then please leave and don't try to purchase our products to get into the inner sanctum of The Empirical Collective.

But if you hunger for - no crave implicitly - something new, something different, something unique that very few (if any) others know, I invite you to start your journey today.

A word on our exclusive-ness: There will rarely be any testimonials given for the products we disperse.

Now, I know that some people crave them some testys (testimonials) but the knowledge bombs I drop are exclusive and if other people know about them, they ain't gonna say nuthin'.

Besides, You Know That Most of the Testys
on the Old Interwebs Are Varying Degrees of B.S., Right?

Ain't nobody gonna blow the whistle on what's working and let everyone and their grandmomma in the great unwashed masses know - cuz it would get trampled and broken beyond repair.

Well, while I'm at it I might as well satisfy your itch and let you know that those pictures of people holding fat wads of cash and sitting in a luxury car - supposedly from money they made from the little gimmick they're trying to hawk - is fake too.

So you won't catch me showing you stacks of greenbacks, flashing pictures of fancy cars or dropping photoshopped earnings reports.

It's been played out and it's super cheesy. So I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole.

No flash and dash required for good old Brettsky here.

Getting back on topic... the stuff we share on the inside is curated and reserved for the select few of The Empirical Collective.

It's not for everyone.

It's certainly not for the mainstreamers who hang on every word spewed from some talking head you can catch on the idiot box on any given day.

I'm the benevolent dictator of this society. I meet out justice and administer the benefits and insights culled from my hard-won experience and the incessant toil of the members of The High Society.

We are Concerned With the Persuit of Wealth Through Capitalism

More specifically, we concern ourselves with various trading strategies and bizdev (business development) that we design to help unceremoniously stack cash.

The strategies we implement are designed to produce "blended income" with certain strategies being used to generate income immediately while others are designed to build a longer term source of income.

The strategies are presented in simplistic, easy to follow ways and give you the chance to generate executive style income without the learning curve or restrictive time requirements.

The members of The Empirical Collective are ambitious people who are looking to work smarter - not harder - and they know and appreciate the value of being able to "stand on the shoulders of others" and leverage other's skills, experience and knowledge bank in order to level up quicker in life.

They know that the type of information we present is not available to the average person, and appreciate how push-button-easy we make things for them.

Simply Put: The Empirical Collective is the "quick hack" for making money.

We give you what you need to know without trying to impress you with million dollar words or cluttering things up with useless stuff you don't need.

The High Society members of the Empirical Collective and I are concerned with overseeing and charting the course of profitable capitalism for our members. We won't and don't provide instant responses to inquiries. And if you do contact us, you mightn't hear back from your Minister of Capitalims himself (good old Brettsky).

In fact, if you do get a response it will likely be one of the High Society members.

And there is only one way to get ahold of us and that's by email (found here).

We value our time and freedom and as a result we won't be chained to our phones or glued to social media.

Rather, we are actively crafting better lives for ourselves and the members of The Empirical Collective and the result is that we have to take a militant approach to managing our time and counter-intuitive approach to making money.

The Empirical Collective is an exclusive society that is not for everyone.

And because of this, membership is strictly limited.

So if joining The Empirical Collective interests you, I suggest that you start your journey immediately by clicking here to purchase the "Clockwork Paycheck System."

Your Minister of Capitalim and the members of the High Society will be be waiting for you on the other side.