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Options Intelligence Reviews: Does Their Options Trading Service Deliver Wins or Losses?

If you’re searching for a company to send you option alerts – and you’re wanting an options intelligence review – you’ve come to the right place, as we did a deep dive on them to find out if they’re a decent choice.

Spoiler Alert: The reviews weren’t great.

“Useless in a Bear Market and My Options Trading was Disabled by Robinhood Due to Poor Performance”

Let’s be honest – the best reviews on products come from past users.

So with that in mind, we trolled through a number of online review sites that had reviews about Options Intelligence.

None of the reviews we found painted a very positive picture for Options Intelligence (OI).

In fact, a review posted by Daniel G. had this to say:

“OI was useless in a bear market and my options trading was disabled by Robinhood due to poor performance.”

Daniel G, claims to have over six years of experience trading options, found this out the hard way when he tried to trade calls on OI during the last monthly report. All of his calls expired worthless, costing him money that he could have otherwise made if he had followed more sensible advice.

On top of that, he found the company’s website is difficult to navigate and their customer service leaving much to be desired; where it can often take quite some time to get help logging in or retrieving alerts from their site.

He went on to say that they used Twitter to deliver their trade alerts, but only provided a link to view the trade, so then you had to login to view the trade details.

Options Intelligence Reviews

On other sites, past users felt that Option Intelligence provided an OK service, but that the number of alerts it issues can be unrealistic.

Users also reported they make errors and typos which are very aggravating. For example, their last monthly report had 6 calls–all of which expired worthless.

“The advertised return figures are fake”

options trading strategies blogNow, with all options alert services they are going to show you their best returns. That’s just how sales & marketing works.

Of course, they can never guarantee that they will be able to always hit those same figures as nobody can guarantee market returns.

And this is where a lot of potential customers get tripped up – they will often take the past advertised trade wins as a guarantee of what will happen in the future.

With most companies, they will have a disclaimer that says something along the lines of “Past performance does not guarantee future returns.”

This is pretty standard.

So the only way to determine whether the company is good or not is to try out their trade alerts.

And based on the feedback and reviews from previous users, it would seem that Options Intelligence isn’t very good.


Conclusion & Final Thoughts on Options Intelligence

Based on the user reviews, we would have to say that you should avoid Options Intelligence.

They offer 2 different options trading services that cost $149 per month each. If you buy both, you can sign up for $249 per month.

And that seems extremely high given that the reviews we found weren’t positive.

In all, you’d be better off signing up for a much less expensive option trade alert membership that offers better trade results.

One service you should look into is The Empirical Collective, who offer great option trade alerts as well as access to a number of very interested trading tools with their membership. You can check them out here if you’re interested.


options intelligence reviews


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