The Options Trading Alerts Service You Need to Know About

The Options Trading Alerts Service You Need to Know About & What These Trade Services Provide

The Most Popular Options Trading Alert Services

best options trading alert service

The Empirical Collective – Interesting Options Trade Service With Great Trade Alerts, Interesting Alternative Data

The Empirical Collective is a relatively new company when compared to other household names like The Motley Fool among others.

Their trade alerts have a great win rate and offer options swing trade alerts.

In addition to that, they offer some very interesting data that their members can use to screen or reinforce their own trade ideas.

From tracking the stock trades made by government & inside traders, to checking the interwebs to see the social sentiment of various stocks, they have a unique collection of data.

In addition to that, their membership is probably the least expensive we’ve seen among their competitors.

Their membership works out to be just over $20/month, with the majority of their competitors charging well over $100/month.

So that’s really great value as far as we’re concerned. You can check them out here.

motley foolThe Motley Fool – Big Name, Bad Results

The Motley Fool is a big name in the world of investment and stock trading. However, this does not mean that they are your best option.

In fact, their Options Alert newsletter Service has been criticized by many for its poor results.

That aside, their educational section – Options U – is great.

But even with the education provided, users have only managed to achieve a 50% win rate – making their service far from ideal.

Another downside to using The Motley Fool’s service is that alerts only come out every month or so.

For most, this just isn’t nearly enough trading action, as much of their competition offers 3-5 trade alerts per week.

Finally, the subscription costs around $999 a year, making it pretty expensive when you compare them to the competition.

You can visit the Motley Fool here.

Options Trading Alerts Service

Optionsonar – Good Research Capabilities

Optionsonar is a service that offers options trading alerts and stock analysis.

While it doesn’t offer specific trade alerts, it does have some good research capabilities.

The service’s scanner analyzes large moves in the market to help identify institutional investors’ trades.

And this kind of information can be very helpful for options traders who are looking to piggyback on big moves.

The service has a good options block trade screener as well as an order flow screener. These features allow users to find potential opportunities in the market by analyzing how institutions are trading.

As we’ve already mentioned, Optionsonar does not offer specific trade alerts.

But it does have a useful watch list tool to track the options activity tied to certain stocks.

The watch list can be filtered by expiration date, strike price, and volume so that traders can stay up-to-date on what is happening in the market.

The alerts sent out can be delivered as push notifications, text messages, and emails. They are meant to give users information about unusual trading activity but not advice on what action they should take.

Optionsonar has a steep price tag, but is a good option for seasoned traders who want access to detailed research data.

For more, you can visit optionsonar here.

Market Chameleon – Good for Experienced Traders

Market Chameleon is a professional options trading service, with many tools that are designed for experienced traders.

It has an unusual volume scanner tool that lets you know which stocks are seeing above-average options activity.

The order flow screener allows you to gauge market sentiment based on concrete data rather than your own speculation or gut feeling.

But with that said, it’s not particularly user-friendly and doesn’t offer much in the way of education or support to help traders understand how their strategies are doing over time.

They’re also noted as using pretty aggressive upselling techniques and charges $1188 for their service.

You can see Market Chameleon here.

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⚠️ What is an Options Trading Alert Service?

Options Trading Service Types

There are three types of options trading alert services:

  • Options picking services give you their trading ideas daily or weekly.
  • Trading alert services offer trade suggestions for a specific time period in advance – usually one day’s worth of trades. With a service like this, they will often publish a “watch list” of sorts.
  • An options trading alert service is a tool that sends out automated recommendations on which contracts to buy and sell.

The best of these services have strong records and are intended to be used in addition to the traders’ own strategies, with the goal of increasing gains and saving them a tonne of time while helping them find new trading opportunities.

🛠️ How Options Trading Alert Services Work

How to Use an Options Trading Alert Service

A vast majority of options trading alert services function as web-based platforms. This means that you can access them from any device with an internet connection.

As far as the alerts themselves go, they are usually delivered by SMS/Text messages, emails, or push notifications.

This gives traders a lot of flexibility when it comes to how they receive information about potential trades.

Most services will allow their members to receive more than one style of alert for each trade.

📈 How Trading Alerts Can Help You

When you’re trading options, it’s important to have every possible advantage you can get. That’s where trading alerts come in. Trading alerts can help you increase your returns in a few different ways: they can make the process of finding & trading options easier, they can help increase your returns with their experience, and they can save time & effort where you don’t have to try to find all the potential trade set ups yourself.

For new traders, this is often especially important.

Trading options is complex, and it takes a lot of effort to learn how to do it well. Using a trading alert service allows them to focus on developing skills without having to worry about researching individual trades and then executing them successfully.

You’ll have more time to learn the basics of option trading, so that in the long-term you can become successful on your own.

Trading alerts also have another big benefit: they allow you to learn from your mistakes.

When you’re using an alert service, you’ll start to see similarities and patterns in your trades. This makes it easier for you to understand what works (and what doesn’t) when trading options.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to improve your success rate over time by making better choices about which trades you should be placing.

🤔 What to Expect from an Options Trading Alert Service

When you’re looking for an options trading alert service, it’s important to keep your expectations in check.

Remember that these services are by no means a get-rich-quick scheme.

While most are legitimate and successful, they will never be 100% correct so it’s important that you use proper trade management and cut your losses when a trade goes against your personal level of acceptable loss.

The most valuable thing about an options trading alert service is that they give you a chance to jumpstart your learning process.

By studying the alerts that these services provide, you’ll learn how to spot good trade set ups and make sound investment decisions on your own.

Just remember that no service is perfect, so always read the reviews before signing up! If you want a little more information on finding the best option alert service just click the link to see a review article we recently did.

best option alert service

Trading Alert Service FAQs

What are Trading Alerts?

Trading alerts are notifications that are sent to an investor's phone or email when a specific trade is placed. Trading companies share their alerts with others to help them learn as well.

How does the Trading Alert Service work?

The Trading Alert Service is completely automated & there is really no user input that is necessary. Once you sign up for the service, you should be able to add your cell phone number and email address & start getting trade alerts right away.

What kind of events can I choose from?

Depending on what your trading platform allows, there are many different types of events that you can choose from, including earnings releases, dividends, analyst ratings changes, and more. You can select whichever events you find most relevant and important to your trading strategy.

What is the best stock alert service?

The Empirical Collective offers the best stock option trade alerts. They simply offer more value for the money when compared to any other trading service.

How do you read option alerts?

Option alerts from The Empirical Collective come in this form: New Trade Alert: TXN Call Strike: $155 Entry Price: $4.60 Expiring: 07/15/2022 Target Price: $6.00 And: Closing Trade Alert: TXN Call Strike: $155 Expiring: 07/15/2022 Closed at: $6.40 For Profit: +39.13% Of course every alert system is different, and they may not include all of the explanatory details listed above.

How do I get alerts on options?

Essentially you just sign up for a trade service and they will start sending you their trade alerts. If you don't have a membership, you might be able to set certain price alerts inside your trading broker's software that will let you know when the price of a stock or option reaches a certain price level.

Are trade alerts worth it?

Yes. Trade alerts can be a really valuable tool to help you learn the market and get some successful trades under your belt. Which is important to develop some confidence in your trading and keep you motivated to continue learning how to effectively trade options.

What are options signals?

Option signals are a type of financial signal that indicate the likelihood of a particular event taking place. They are often used by traders to help predict future stock prices. There are many different types of option signals, but some of the most common include trend indicators, oscillators, and volume indicators. Each signal has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to use a variety of different signals when making trading decisions.

What is the best option Alert Service?

The best option alert service is The Empirical Collective. While other companies charge well over $100/month for access to their trade alerts and data, The Empirical Collective's membership price is just over $20/month. And their trade wins are pretty impressive as well.

Is a call sweep near the ask bullish or bearish?

If you're seeing a call sweep near the ask, that's generally considered a bullish signal. This often indicates that the buyer wants in and is willing to pay a premium by purchasing at or very close to the Ask, rather than trying to buy in cheaper closer to the bid price.

How does selling call options work?

When you sell a call option, you are giving somebody the right, but not the obligation, to buy a certain number of shares of the underlying stock from you at a certain price (the strike price) by a certain date (the expiration date). You receive a premium for selling the call option. This is the amount of money that the buyer pays you for granting them this right. If the buyer decides to exercise their right to buy shares of the stock from you, they will do so at the strike price. You will then be obligated to sell them shares of the stock at that price. If the stock is trading above the strike price at expiration, then your option will expire worthless and you will keep the premium.

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