Trade Genie Reviews: Are They Really The Best Choice?

Trade Genie Reviews : Are They Really The Best Choice?

Trade Genie is a trading company that offers a variety of different types and styles of option trade alerts to their members – the majority of them are a form of swing options service.

To cut to the chase: If you’re looking for the best trade alerts, The Empirical Collective offers more value than any other service. From incredible trade alerts, exclusive stock research & cutting edge research tools, they offer more value than any other service in the industry. You can check them out here if you’re interested.

But in this article, we’ll go over what they have to offer.

Trade Genie Inc Trade Services


They have two different option trading levels: Beginner and Advanced.

The Beginner Level

This service level has three different product offerings.

The Index options service give 2-3 trades per week and each position is expected to be held between two and three weeks with a cost of $87 per month.

The Leap options service gives 2-3 trades per week and the average holding time is about one to three weeks. The cost for this is $107 per month.

The Swing lite options service offers 3-5 trades per week, and the estimated holding time is one to seven days and is $147 per month.

The Expert Level

Their Expert level option also has 3 different offerings.

The first is the Earnings Play for $87 per month and is specifically designed to trade companies who are about to report earnings. Each trade has an average hold of one day to one week.

The second is the Tiny stocks trading service. This one costs $97 per month and are based on small-cap, mid-cap, and large cap stocks. The estimated hold time is between 1 week and 1 month.

The third option is the Swing options service. This service places 8-10 trades per week, with an average hold from 1 day to one week. This service is $197 per month.

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Trade Genie Inc Options Trades Courses

They offer two different courses on their website. (Although if you sign up, they will often send you promotional emails to upsell you on other little courses.)

The first one is called “Mastering the Markets: Duplicating Success” and costs $997 and is 9 hours long, broken up into 2 sessions per week that are 1.5 hours long each.

The second offering is a one year course called “Mastering the Markets: Technical Analysis.” It offers 4 sessions per week that are 1.5 hours long each. There are also 2 coaching sessions (1 hour long each) offered per month. This course runs for 48 weeks.

Other Reviews

Now, there are quite a few reviews posted on many different review websites like sitejabber, trustpilot and others.

And the majority of them are positive.

Of course (as with any trading service) there are a few negative ones.

There is one page out there who calls Noshee (the owner) a scam artist.

But with a lot of these negative reviews (just as with any option alert service) you have to realize that they’re probably coming from people who signed up and thought that they would NEVER have a losing trade.

Of course, trading services might make big claims, but – ultimately – each person is responsible for his or her trades and decisions.

So if someone didn’t exercise proper account management, or didn’t want to do any additional research before placing a trade….well then I’d say they have to take the good with the bad.

After all, for the average investor to have a chance to win close to 90%, it could totally change their ability to trade.

And the cost is relatively low for this kind of access.

The Swing Options Service Trade Results

Trade Genie posts a win rate of 91.28% on their website, although I couldn’t see any list that showed all of their closed trades.

It seems like they only display their winning trades and not their losing trades.

They do disclose an average loss of -43.15% and an average win of 67.68%

So all things considered, it looks like they offer a pretty good product when it comes to trade results, as most trade alerts systems have win rates between 75-90%

The one thing that I didn’t like was they don’t have a list of open trades or trade results available for members if you sign up.

So you have to track all your open positions and keep track of them as they don’t display any trade history.

They do send alerts out, but if you happen to miss one… you might end up having to manage the trade yourself as you don’t have a list of open trades to compare your open positions to. (This is one thing I love about The Empirical Collective)

Now, as these options trades are swing options that might not be a big deal (it’s not like their trades involve Day trading)

The Final Decision on The Best Swing Options Trading Service

Overall, I think Trade Genie has a good product.

With their win rate & trade alerts, it looks like they’ve got a good things going.

But in terms of overall value, I think The Empirical Collective easily has them beat.

The Empirical Collective has a trade win average around 90% too (with winning periods of over 95%!), and it looks like their trade alerts would be similar to their Leap options service.

Except The Empirical Collective offers additional trading tools & insights to their members like:

  • Stock research designed to find hidden small cap stocks ready to explode in price
  • A social sentiment tracker to keep you informed as to what over 19 million other traders think certain stocks will do.
  • An example portfolio designed to show you how to diversify your assets.

And the cost of their option trading membership account price is currently about HALF of what they charge.

So to me, I think The Empirical Collective is the best as it offers more value. You can check them out here.

Trade Genie Reviews: Are They Really The Best Choice?


When looking for trade genie reviews many people also wondered about these topics

Trade Genie Reddit

There really isn’t much that you can find when searching for trade genie reddit. It does not look like they have an official reddit page, and they aren’t mentioned much (if at all) on reddit.

Trade Genie Trial

There is a trade genie trial, where you can sign up for their trade alerts via email. When I tried to do this, I didn’t receive any trade alerts. I got a lot of promotional emails, but no trade alerts. I’m not sure if this is typical or just a glitch but I didn’t get any trade alerts when I signed up via email.

trade genie review

Overall, The Empirical Collective simply offers way more value than TradeGenie. Their alerts are as good or better and they offer unique tools to their members, rather than charging extra for them.

Options trading advisors

Hands down, I think The Empirical Collective offers the best value.

But here are a few other services you can look into if you’re wanting to find other options trading alerts service offerings:

The Mindful Trader: Mindful Trader’s creator, Eric Ferguson, spent over $200,000 and four years creating the tactics that are employed in his business. During a 20-year backtest of his ideas, the median yearly return was 181 percent. Eric began live-trading his techniques in November 2020, and the account’s total return has outperformed the S&P 500.

Eric began by only trading equities and the micro Emini S&P500 future, but in April 2021, he introduced options choices. Mindful Trader is a hybrid trading service that provides stock choices, options picks, and, on occasion, micro future contracts for the S&P500 index.

Mindful Traders separates out from the competition by offering one of the best options trading courses for beginners, complete with detailed explanations of the trading strategy. Subscribers have access to a library of explanatory films that cover anything from options trading tactics to trading system creation.

The OptionsGeek: This one’s pretty pricey at $2000/year. Felix Frey, who possesses a Bachelor of Science in Finance, established OptionsGeek in 2018. He worked for Bank of America and other financial institutions as an executive director.

OptionsGeek is primarily concerned with two services. One is 3 Steps To Profit, a comprehensive options trading education program. The course, which includes thorough video lectures and blog pieces, walks newcomers through the fundamentals of options trading while also providing insight into institutional options strategies and market perspectives.

Winning Picks Premium is an option trading alert service offered by OptionsGeek. Each week, subscribers will receive 2-4 options trading ideas. The greatest estimated ROI for 2021 was +85.5 percent in January, while the worst drawdown was -34.4 percent in April. On his website, you may get the whole monthly results.

Winning Picks offers a unique guarantee to annual subscribers. Felix offers a minimum of +100% on 50 transactions each year. If his service does not meet this goal, he offers free admission for the next year.

Benzinga Pro: This one tips the scales at $350 per month. Benzinga Pro is an outstanding solution for stock and option traders and investors. Alerts, a community chat room, stock screeners, options scanners, newsfeed, squawk radio, and trading signals are all included with a Benzinga Pro subscription.

The Unusual Options Activity feature in Benzinga Pro notifies you to big block and sweep transactions in options contracts. Price/earnings ratio, market capitalization, dividend yield, numerous businesses and sectors, and price change bands may all be utilized as filters. Trade alerts are delivered to you via audio or desktop notifications. Furthermore, the Benzinga Pro Unusual Options Calendar gives you access to previous options data for further research.

Benzinga Pro may be used for advanced charting, as a market news source, or as a stock screener, in addition to the options scanner.

In addition, Benzinga now provides a Benzinga Options Mentorship, which includes six monthly options trades, unique webinars, and daily trading mentorship from Nic Chahine. Mentorship subscribers also get access to the inner-circle discussion room, a weekly market summary, and complete Benzinga Pro access.

Benzinga is a good all-in-one solution for options traders in this list of the best options trading alert services because it combines a high-end analytical platform with a mentorship program.

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