Stock Prediction Software – Artificial Intelligence Trading Tool Review

Are you interested in the latest stock prediction software?

And after all, why wouldn’t you be? Especially as the biggest challenge to overcome is choosing stocks to invest in.

There are thousands of stocks out there, so how do you choose one?

Humans tend to pick things through biases, such as confirmation bias. These biases are stopping you from achieving the success you want and deserve.

So, how do you overcome biases and human error?

By bringing in a robot in the form of stock prediction software to help. Like Trade-Ideas. Our Trade-Ideas review will look at if this trading platform is right for you and at the end of the article, we have a discount for you if you’d like to try it out.

What is Trade-Ideas?

Trade-Ideas is among the most popular stock scanners on the market. As a stock scanner, it scans the market for the best investment opportunities. The platform offers basically anything you could need to find the best investments during trading hours.

This platform can also be configured, allowing users to create strategies of their own or come up with a hybrid that combines personal knowledge and experience with that of Trade-Ideas – all without having to learn how to code a thing.

Trade-Ideas has evolved over the years and has become more user-friendly than ever before. Users can get started almost immediately with their stock prediction software. If you’re interested, Trade-Ideas does offer a Trade-Ideas simulator and a training program where you can learn more about how to use it.

Trade-Ideas Features of the Artificial Intelligence Software

The platform has come a long way since it was first introduced, with more features than ever before. One of the first features to look for is the Channel bar that uses graphics and themes to present and explain information to users, including Premarket, Penny Movers, Trending, Energy, and more.

The graphics keep things simple and intuitive. You can access Trade-Ideas through your browser or as a standalone piece of software installed on your computer, keeping things convenient.

Stock Prediction Software – Strategy Scanners

Trade-Ideas comes with built-in screeners and scanners that run pre-configured scans or create their own scanning strategies. There are many options available for scanning, including min/max/averages, price range, stock options, Short Overextended, Bullish and Bearish, and more. There’s an endless amount of choice when it comes to creating your own ideal trading strategy.

The scanners are the star of the show when it comes to Trade-Ideas. We tested some of the pre-configured scans and some of our own scans. The results we got went above and beyond what you’d expect from a stock screener. On top of all the scans, you can create your own custom alerts for different strategies. The alerts are color-coded, so you know what strategy the alert is for and can run several strategies at once. For more information on how the strategy scanners work, click here.


The Alerts section shows the results of the scans. The results can be configured to display the time, company name, strategy name, symbol, current price, change, volume, and more. How you set up the alerts is up to you.

Back Tester

Trade-Ideas has an Oddsmaker that makes it stand out from the competition. This feature lets you backtest trading strategies (IE check how well your strategy would have done in past trading situations) . Getting to test out the Oddsmaker was one of the most exciting parts of our Trade-Ideas review.

This feature visualizes the possibilities of your strategies within a matter of minutes. It lets you adjust the entry and exit parameters and then test again to see if the predictions change based on the new information. Being able to try things like this is the perfect way to optimize a strategy before implementing it.

Holly, the Trade-Ideas AI

Holly, the Holy Grail of trading, is another standout feature of Trade-Ideas. She is an AI engine that is capable of implementing 35 Long/Short strategies to choose candidates. The Trade-Ideas Holly performance is impressive, as Holly has a 60% success rate and a 2:1 profit factor to trade. You can count on Holly to find the best trades for you. Holly keeps an eye on the market and completes the trade with entries and exits. The results are shown in real-time, and you can watch along or piggyback on the trade yourself. You can see the entry and exit point and analyze the data to see how the AI works, or you can just watch and see which stocks Holly picks up on.

The trades are reviewed in a video blog from the Live Trading Room Recap. Holly runs over a million simulated trades using a Trade-Ideas simulator each night. These trades are performed against 45 concepts to find the best strategy to use the following day. Holly also offers a morning watchlist of preferred systems and stocks in the AI Strategies Window. Traders can look through the window to see what Holly will get up to during the day. Want definitive evidence of Trade-Ideas Holly performance? The AI outperformed the S&P 500 index five-fold in 2016.

Order Entry/Compatible Brokers

The Trade-Ideas platform integrates seamlessly with eSignal and E*Trade for order entry. You should have no problem connecting your brokerage account and issuing orders through Trade-Ideas. The platform also connects to Interactive Brokers. This feature offers users the added benefit of being able to conduct automatic trading if they so choose.


The creators behind Trade-Ideas don’t want to just do all the work for you; they also want you to learn more about trading. Every new subscriber has the chance to enroll in a one-on-one training session with an expert who can guide them through the platform, answering any questions they might have. The creators also uploaded a wealth of training videos to their YouTube channel and website. This platform is pretty easy to work out and understand, but it’s good to know that there is training there if you need it.

Trade-Ideas Pros

• Get the best real0time strategies created by the best stock scanner in the world
• Artificial intelligence used to create strategies and make trades is impressive
• Generates ideas around the clock so there’s always something new
• Free moderated live chatroom to connect to other users and share ideas
• Plenty of help through training videos and other tutorials
• Customizable strategies with backtesting and drag-and-drop strategy creation
• Potential for auto-trading

Trade-Ideas Cons

• Very easy to get stuck in a cycle of over-trading
• Charts don’t provide much information or indicators

Is Trade-Ideas The Right Stock Prediction Software For You?

Having Trade-Ideas on your side is like having a personal advisor who can help with trading. It’s like having a great investor working with you. Trade-Ideas lets you focus on the important elements of trading as you don’t have to spend all your time scanning the market, looking for a great idea. Don’t forget that the platform already has hundreds of trading strategies built-in too.

The trade history is clearly transparent across the system, so you always know what happened with your trades. It’s easy to set up new trade and create a new strategy. You can create a self-developed strategy or use one of the pre-configured ones.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to trade without the potential for human error, then Trade-Ideas is definitely right for you. That’s what you get with this platform – a trading partner who won’t share the same biases as you. If you are interested in trying Trade-Ideas, then use our Trade-Ideas coupon for a discount.

Rather do it yourself and find your own positive stock setups? Then I suggest reading the book by Samuel Goldman, “Bullish Charting: Profiting from Simple Positive Stock Set Ups.”

New features are being implemented all the time, as well. Trade-Ideas has already come a long way since it was first introduced, so who knows what the future holds? Holly learns more with every trade and only becomes more successful. You can count on Trade-Ideas and the Holly AI to find the right trade at the right time for you. Of course if you’d like someone else to do all the hard work for you, I recommend you check out our options trading newsletter reviews.

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