My Investing Club Reviews 2022 – A Closer Look Of This Active Day Trading Community

Investing can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of a club or group (the best being The Empirical Collective), you can make investing easy and fun. In this post, we’ll take a look at My Investing Club Reviews. In this review, I’ll go over everything you need to know about everything that’s included, as well as the benefits and drawbacks, and cost. So read on to learn more!

Investing 📈 can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. With the assistance of a club or group (such as The Empirical Collective), investing can become more straightfoward and enjoyable. Here we take a look at My Investing Club Reviews which cover everything that’s included as well as benefits/drawbacks/cost. So read on!

What is My Investing Club?

Investing can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. With the assistance of a club or group (The Empirical Colle ctive is our preferred partner) investing can become eas ier and fun! In this post we’ll look at My Investing Club Reviews; in it I cover every thing you need to know about each club as well as their benefits, drawbacks and costs – read on and discover more!

What Is My Investing Club?

My Investing Club is a private members-only club dedicated to teaching peop le about and making money through investing on the stock market. Their onlin e courses, community forum and live coaching calls with investment expe rts provide their members with everything they need to reach their financial goals successfully.

At Cap ital One Bank, they believe anyone can achieve financial success if provided with proper education and support. That is why they provide member s with resources to learn investing, develop their knowledge, and make money with smart trading strategies. Furthermore, experienced coaches and mentors can offer guidance along your journey toward financial freedom.

MIC is home to more than 1,500 traders who have already found success in the marke ts. Offering top-of-the-line education and mentorship, this community will help you embark on your trading journey today!


my investing club reviews

The Founders

Founded by industry veteran Bao Nguyen (@modern_rock) and the young but talented Alex Temiz(@AT09_Trader), My Investing Club is run with a real focus on helping other traders. There’s not just passion for success here – all aspects of your experience are designed so that you can become successful too!

Community Details

Founders: Bao Nguyen (@modern_rock), Alex Temiz (@AT09_Trader)

Type: Membership site

Founded: 2018

Style: Day trading

Inclusion: Chat room, Video tutorial library, Webinars, DVD courses, Couching, 24/7 support, Meetups, MIC Archive, Learning resources

Memberships: Annual, lifetime

Members: 1,500+

my investing club cost

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The My Investing Club Reviews

Investing can be a great way to grow your money and reach your financial goals, but it can also be complex and overwhelming. That’s where investing clubs can come in handy – they offer members the opportunity to learn about investing together, make better investment decisions, and achieve their goals faster. If you’re thinking of joining MY Investing Club, read the following!

Of course, with the lifetime membership offered through The Empirical Collective, My Investing club can’t come close to the value they offer.

But if let’s look at what they do offer as they try to be the best stock options advisory service out there.

What’s Included in the Membership?

My Investing Club offers subscribers a tonne of educational material such as video lesson libraries that cover trade reviews and tutorial videos, and live webinars or DVDs for those who prefer to learn on their own time rather than during the session without interruption from others like them in attendance at one event.

MIC has two different membership levels, the annual and lifetime subscriptions, which come with extra benefits depending upon which option you choose: Click here to check the price and join.

It’s fantastic that MIC has multiple membership levels to suit different budgets, but it’s crucial to understand the differences between the annual and lifetime membership options. Aside from the pricing, each membership plan has its own set of member advantages, which we’ll go over in more depth below.


Annual Subscription

The yearly membership plan includes access to the chat room, video collection, DVDs (including Jumpstart Accelerator), weekly Q&A, webinars, meetings, and the TAB program (trader accountability buddy). One-on-one mentoring phone conversations, weekly live trading recap videos, access to the MIC Archive, free admission to MIC events, personalized trade evaluations, and big cap/options methods are also available.

Lifetime Subscription

The lifetime option of MIC’s premium membership plan offers the best overall value because you only have to pay once and gain additional VIP advantages. Everything that yearly members get plus live trader clinic webinars with Alex and Tosh, early access to new videos, early VIP admittance to MIC events with reserved front row seating, and group mentorship are all available to lifetime members.

The Live Trading Chat Room

The My Investing Club chatroom is hosted on Slack, and the channels are neatly organized to make it easy for traders of all interests. In addition, there’s a newsfeed channel that shares real-time breaking headlines, as well as many other specialized areas where you can find what you’re looking for, like blue-chip stocks or options trading – if those types interest YOU!

The chat room atmosphere is quite friendly and supportive, with new members being welcomed into the community. There’s even a TAB (trading accountability buddy) channel where you can pair up with another trader to help keep your discipline!

The Video Library

My Investin Club vid eo li brary boasts more than 750 videos with an easy search function for investors looking to learn about investing. Topics range from in-depth train ing on mechanics, trade recaps and analyses of market movements – ever ything an investor needs for understanding current investments.

Their video lib rary has expanded rapidly over time as new videos are added each week, covering an array of subjects including those listed here:

  • Trader clinics
  • Trade recaps
  • Live trading footage
  • Webinars
  • Options
  • Tax planning
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Tape reading
  • Hotkeys
  • In-depth tutorials on MIC trading strategies (first bounce, VWAP reclaim, first red day, first resistance, death line, etc.)

The Trading DVD’s

My Investing Club offers a large range of DVDs as part of their monthly subscription. Currently, the following DVDs are available:

  • Trading Fish Academy
  • Trading Basics with Joe Kelly
  • MIC Jumpstart Accelerator Course
  • Fundamental Analysis Series with Chicago Trader

Learning Resources

My Investing Club members have access to a range of downloadable learning resources, including PDF guides and checklists. Most of the downloads are accompanied by detailed tutorial videos that explain exactly how these resources can help you become more successful with your investing strategy!


My investing club members also have access to regularly scheduled webinars covering trading strategy, risk management, and much more.

One-on-One Mentoring

What sets My Investing Club apart from other chat rooms and day trading communities? The one-on-one mentoring! You’ll have access to veteran traders who are eager for success just like you, with personal coaching from Bao on how he made $1.4 million in a single day (and more). It’s impossible not to feel confident after all this when it comes time for your trades. We know what matters most is having someone there cheering us along the way.”

Mentoring is offered in many different formats to members, including scheduled one-on-one calls (available five days per week), weekly group webinars where you can get questions answered 24/7 via DMs, and more.

Member-Only Meetups

The My Investing Club has a trader meetup every month to get together and network. If you’re an Annual or Lifetime member, there is no cost for this event. There might not be any more in-person meetings until things calm down regarding the pandemic (which we hope isn’t too long).


MIC Archive

Lifetime and Annual MIC members also get full access to the MIC Archive – a searchable database containing more than 500k chat room posts from October 2018 onward.

MIC My Investing Club Reviews Pros And Cons

Pros Of Joining My Investing Club

There are many pros to joining My Investing Club, including:

  • Learning from others – One of the best ways to learn is to talk with others who have experience in the area you are interested in. By talking with others in an investing club, you can learn a great deal about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investing.
  • Building relationships – Another great benefit of being a part of an investing club is getting to know other like-minded individuals who share your interest in investments. This can be a great way to build lasting relationships and networking connections.
  • Pooling resources – When you join an investing club, you have the opportunity to pool your resources with others in the industry.
  • Opportunity to learn from experienced traders; for example, Bao Nguyen has made millions of trading OTCs.
  • Daily webinars are held to keep members informed and answer their questions.
  • The material of the membership is quite well-organized. Compared to searching for this knowledge for free online, video lessons and downloadable resources will save you a lot of time.

Cons Of Joining My Investing Club

There are a few potential cons of joining an investing club:

  • If you’re not careful, you could end up over-investing in riskier ventures that may not pan out.
  • There’s a chance you could miss out on unique opportunities if everyone in the group is investing together.
  • Clubs can be distracting, making it difficult to stay focused on your personal investment goals.
  • Overall, the prices are high, and you should only invest if you have at least $10,000 to trade.
  • There is a greater emphasis on short selling, although there are materials available for long-biased traders. Shorting stocks is not something that everyone is comfortable with.


my investing club lifetime membership

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

How do I open an investment club account?

You can open an investment club account with various financial institutions, such as Charles Schwab, Fidelity, or Vanguard. Each institution has its process and set of requirements for opening an investment club account, so you’ll need to contact them directly to find out more information.

In general, you’ll need to provide your contact information, the name of your investment club, and the name and contact information of the person who will be responsible for managing the account. You may also be required to provide proof of your identity and your club’s incorporation documents.

How do you cancel Myinvesting club?

If you’re looking to cancel your investing club, you’ll likely need to get in touch with your club’s treasurer or other administrators. They can help finalize the cancellation process and notify all members. Depending on your club’s bylaws, there may be a waiting period before the cancellation is finalized or certain funds are distributed. As always, it’s best to consult with an attorney if you have any questions about canceling your investing club.

Are investment clubs the best idea for traders?

There are pros and cons to investment clubs. On the pro side, they can provide a social outlet for those who enjoy investing, as well as a forum in which to learn about investing. They can also offer the potential for better returns on investments, as members may be able to share information and strategies that they would not otherwise have access to.

On the con side, investment clubs can be difficult to manage effectively, and disagreements among members can lead to poor decision-making. In addition, there is always the risk that a club may become embroiled in a lawsuit if things go wrong with an investment. For these reasons, it’s important for anyone considering joining or forming an investment club to do their homework first.

How does an investing club work term?

There are a few different types of investing clubs, but they all follow a similar format in general. Members regularly contribute a set amount of money to the club and then use that money to invest in stocks, bonds, or other securities. The club typically meets regularly (usually monthly) to discuss their investments and decide what to buy or sell.

The benefits of investing in a club include pooling resources to get exposure to more investment opportunities, getting help from others who have more experience with investing, and learning about the markets from others in the club. However, it’s important to note that some risk is involved, as investments can go up or down in value.

Do I need an EIN for an investment club?

Whether you need an EIN for your investment club depends on the specific circumstances of your club. Generally speaking, if the investment club is not a corporation and will not engage in any business activities, you do not need an EIN. However, if the club engages in any business activities (such as selling goods or services), you will need to obtain an EIN.

If you are unsure whether or not your investment club needs an EIN, it is best to speak with a tax professional or the IRS directly. They can help clarify whether or not your specific circumstances require an EIN.

Do investment clubs pay tax?

Investment clubs are not taxable entities. However, the income and losses of the club must be reported on the individual members’ tax returns. Each member is taxed on their share of the club’s income, whether or not they received any cash distributions from the investment club. Losses from the investment club can be used to offset other income on the individual’s tax return.

What is lending club investing reviews?

There are a lot of different opinions on Lending Club investing, with people generally falling into two camps: those who love it and those who hate it.

The people who love it tend to appreciate the high returns they’ve achieved, while the people who hate it complain about the high levels of risk involved.

Overall, Lending Club investing is considered a high-risk investment, so you should only invest money you’re prepared to lose. Do your research before deciding whether or not this type of investment is right for you.

How to start an investment club?

To start an investment club, you’ll need to first come up with a plan and set some ground rules. Here are a few things to think about:

  • How often will the club meet?
  • Who can join?
  • What kind of investments will the club make?
  • How will decisions be made?
  • What fees will be charged?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll need to create bylaws and file them with your state. You may also need to register with the SEC as a “club dealing in securities.”

Once everything is set up, it’s time to start investing! Make sure everyone in the club is on board with the plan and then get started. Good luck!