Can You Make 200 a Day with Doordash? Find Out How to Maximize Your Earnings

So can you make 200 a day with Doordash?

The sharing economy has taken off in recent years, with companies like Uber and Airbnb becoming household names. But what about food delivery?  If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, Doordash could be the perfect opportunity for you. With DoorDash, you can make up to $200 a day by delivering food orders from local restaurants. This article will explain how DoorDash works and outline some of the pros and cons of working as a Dasher. So, if you’re thinking about becoming a Doordasher, keep reading!

So can you make 200 a day with Doordash?

The truth is, very few people will be able to make decent money with Doordash. Most will be lucky to get $15/hour. If the do well, they might top out around $23/hour… all because they don’t do it the RIGHT way.

Most new Dashers make critical mistakes that keep them from making $30-$40+ and well over $1,000 per week, and they do things that cause them to never get paid as much as they could.

But, if you do things the right way and use all the tricks that pro Dashers to to maximize their revenue… you will see a dramatic difference in earnings.

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The sharing economy has taken off in recent years, with companies like Uber and Airbnb becoming household names. But what about food delivery?  If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, Doordash could be the perfect opportunity for you. With DoorDash, you can make up to $200 a day by delivering food orders from local restaurants. This article will explain how DoorDash works and outline some of the pros and cons of working as a Dasher. So, if you’re thinking about becoming a Doordasher, keep reading!

In the past year, delivering food for this company called “DoorDash” has been insanely increasing. The jobs are available in over 5k cities across North America, so there’s always plenty happening right where you live! Plus, they give couriers access not just to customers but also to vehicles which means no more taking public transportation or relying solely upon other modes such as biking if those work better options.

There is probably no better way to make extra cash than working on this popular food delivery app. It’s also an excellent side hustle idea that would let couriers earn more money in their free time while they’re at work! But one question comes up over and again: “How much can I expect my first week as someone who works with them?” To help answer these questions, I’ve come up with this comprehensive review below…

can you make 200 a day with doordash

What is Doordash?

Doordash is an online delivery service that allows customers to browse restaurants, take deliveries and pay the driver without leaving their homes. It was founded by Tony Xu in Palo Alto, California, due to his frustrations with traditional takeaway ordering. DoorDash is a tech company that connects people with the best of their neighborhoods across America, Canada, Australia, and Germany. It enables local businesses to meet consumers’ needs for ease and convenience while generating new ways to earn money through this service by building last-mile logistics infrastructure within those communities at large and empowering them economically too!

The first prototypes of Doordash were built using an Excel spreadsheet and reused code from Xu’s failed food-finding app, Seamless. In August 2013, Doordash raised $12+ million in Series A round funding led by Maverick Capital Ventures and included Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – two venture capital firms involved in the early growth stages of other tech giants such as Airbnb and Twitter.

DoorDash has loads of partnered eateries and uses Dashers (their employees) as drivers, so you don’t worry about carrying heavy bags or waiting in long lines! Once someone orders from one of these partner locations through Doornash, they will be delivered right at home – all without having the order take too much time out of life like other options might require because they are here for both customer satisfaction AND speed.

How To Become a Doordash Dasher (Driver)?

Doordash is an easy job for extra income. If you’re interested, youcan see how the process works!

  • Visit the Doordash website and request to become a Dasher.
  • Owned vehicle (any vehicle, including a car, truck, motorcycle, or scooter, it is advisable to get an insured vehicle that’s at least 4-door.) with access to free parking spots around town where Dashers deliver jobs/products
  • Be 21 years old AND legal US Citizen OR permanent resident.
  • Have an iPhone or an Android phone
  • A valid driver’s license and at least one year of driving experience are required.
  • Have clean criminal background

Becoming a Dasher is easy! Simply download the app, apply to be a Dasher, and accept any nearby orders in your area. Keep in mind that you’ll need an insured vehicle that’s been inspected by Doordash before getting started as well as a local driver’s license.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a Chevy Tahoe or Lamborghini to pick up customer orders from restaurants—they’re all equally capable of handling the workload!

Can You Make 200 a Day with Doordash?

The popular food-delivery app has thousands of couriers across North America working as drivers for them. You can also be one if your city isn’t already supported by the service. There are plenty because it’s available in over 5k cities right now – which means more opportunities than ever before (and sometimes less competition). And best yet: It lets YOU earn some extra cash in a pretty unique way.

There is no definitive answer to this question “Can You Make 200 a Day with Doordash?” as it all depends on how many deliveries you can make, how long they take and how much you get tipped.

But keep reading, and I’ll outline how to maximize your earnings below.

Making More Money with DoorDash

DoorDash has a variable commission rate that starts at $1 per delivery and goes up to $4 per delivery, so your earnings can vary depending on how busy you are and how many deliveries you complete.

Assuming you’re an average Dasher and make three deliveries per hour, your total earnings would be $6 per hour. However, if you’re busy and can make six deliveries per hour, your total earnings would be $12 per hour. And if you’re extremely busy and can make ten deliveries per hour, your total earnings would be $20 per hour.

The only limit to the number of deliveries that a person can make is to split their earnings with the company before giving themselves a paycheck. That being said, there are incentives for drivers to deliver more, so it could be done.

Doordash pays $1 every time an order is delivered. There is no requirement for a minimum amount to get paid–the driver earns 100% of whatever is in the Doordash app after gas and tolls (even if it’s just .50). So yes, if they could deliver at least 50 orders per day, they could make $200/day!

How to Make $200 a Day

The key to making $200 a day is to take fast orders. If you take an order and get stuck waiting to pick up the order at the restaurant, you make less per hour.

For example, say you get a $12 order but need to drive 10 miles there & 10 back, add in 5-10 wait at the restaurant & 3 minutes for getting out of the car and delivering the item to the customer, a trip takes you 30–40 minutes.

The sweet spot is to take orders under 5 miles away and nothing that pays less than $6. Unless the order is less than 3 miles away, don’t take an order for $6.

After a time, you’ll learn which restaurants you can pick up quickly from and which ones make you wait.

The game here is to take multiple small orders every hour, 3 to 5, that you can finish quickly.

So make sure you watch what the total mileage is when your phone is pinged.

The other side of the equation is getting paid more through tips.

Making More through Tips

If you can get paid a little more by getting tipped, you can also increase your hourly earnings.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to do just that:

  • Researchers have found that when customers are offered candy as a gift, tips increase by about 20%. They also speculate that other gifts may work in the same way.
  • Make sure you personalize and accessorize your appearance. Studies have shown that doing something simple to stand out, like wearing flowers in your hair or something similar, can cause as much as a 17% increase in tips.
  • Be friendly and smile a lot. This makes people like you a lot more and immediately puts them in a mood to tip you more.

how to get more orders on doordash

Average Pay for DoorDash – Can You Make 200 a day with doordash?

DoorDash pays their couriers an average of $100-$200 per week. It’s easy enough that even people who don’t always have time during their day can get up and deliver for five minutes if they need more deliveries to reach specific goals or just want something different from what else offers opportunities like this one do offer (I won’t mention any names).

Door Dash pays well compared with other jobs out there – as much money in only 40 hours when most gigs require 60+/-. If you’re a DoorDash courier and deliver for 40 hours in total, this means your hourly wage is about $15. This works out to $184 per day of work (USD 11) + 12% commission on top of that, which brings it up slightly higher at 16 cents/minute or 24 minutes minimum every single time when speaking with someone over the phone. So essentially, by working five days per week and delivering 8 hours straight each day after getting off from school, people can make anywhere close.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Being a Doordash Driver?

One of the best reasons to be a DoorDash driver is easy. You can sign up in just minutes and start earning money as soon your background check comes back, with no reviews needed!

Here are some pros and cons of working as a Doordash driver:


  • Easy Signing Up, the process takes less than 5 steps, including uploading documents like ID or Social Security card; filling out an application where they’ll do personal information verification such as verifying billing address over email if you provide them at least 30 days notice before switching carriers.
  • Constantly varied task set.
  • The ability to meet new people every day.
  • Feeling accomplished after a delivery pulls through smoothly.
  • Flexible hours, make your schedule.
  • Can make $5-8/hour, usually working 2 to 4 hours a day after accounting for hourly deductions and other commitments like bonuses and gas.
  • Job doesn’t require any qualifications (you don’t need a degree).
  • Driver support system, Doordash has a driver support team available 24/7.


  • The danger of encountering nasty/violent customers.
  • The worst hours possible, which is generally the evening or night.
  • Possible lack of benefits or compensation. You are generally expected to be your employer for taxes and insurance.
  • No guarantee of any type of income other than tips. If you’re not tipping customers, then it’s doubtful they’ll tip you.
  • Can’t see your customers because you transport food in secret containers that make it impossible to know what you are delivering until the time comes.
  • No recognition from your company, since most orders come in during dinner and late at night.
  • Potential for low pay if you don’t get enough orders.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make good money with Doordash, you’re really going to have to hustle.

This isn’t going to be an easy side gig where you can make a lot of cash without much effort.

And there will be an element of luck involved as well in terms of any delays you experience on your deliveries. And delays will negatively affect your earnings.

But for making a few extra dollars on the side, you can make a few extra dollars.

So if you’re interested, you can check out more details here.

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how much can you make a week with doordash

When searching for can you make 200 a day with Doordash people often asked these questions as well:

Can you make $250 a day with DoorDash?

Yes. It’s possible to make up to $250/day depending on the city, but more realistically, the average income is lower. As you get paid for each delivery, income can vary dramatically.

how to make 1000 a week with doordash

How much can you make off DoorDash in 1 day?

Drivers report making about $150 on a slow day, but the average is about $260. On busy days they can make about $255-280, with their best days being about $350.

Can you make $500 a day with DoorDash?

No. Not unless you get paid a lot in tips. The average driver will max out around the $350 per day mark on his best day.

How do you make 300 a day on DoorDash?

You’re going to have to make 5-8 short, quick deliveries per hour and maximize the number of tips you make from each customer.

Avoid picking up deliveries from busy restaurants and make you wait when coming to pick up the order.

Can I make 1000 a week with DoorDash?

Yes. Of course, it will depend on how many days per week you end up working. If you work 7 days a week, you’ll need to average about $143 per day. If you only want to work 5 days, you’ll have to average $200 per day.

Can you make a living off DoorDash?

Yes, you can. You’ll have to be motivated and work incredibly hard. But it’s possible.

With that said, most people use doordash as a side gig.

Does DoorDash get taxed?

No. Taxes aren’t removed from what you earn as you’re considered a contractor. So you will have to declare your earnings and pay your taxes at the end of the year on your own.

how to make 500 a week with doordash

Can you live off DoorDash?

Yes. You can if you live in an area with a low cost of living. But for most people, this isn’t possible.

Can you make $300 a day with doordash?

Yes. But to do so, you’ll have to get tips from many of your customers while filling a lot of fast orders every hour.

Can you make $200 a week with doordash?

Yes, making $200 per week is very easy when done as a side gig.